Adventure with Banzoflash

Adventure with Banzoflash

Adventure with Banzoflash


Are you an animal lover? The following wildlife sanctuaries are the home of The Garden Route which is highly recommended by Banzoflash!


Visit the wildlife sanctuaries in The Garden Route to view a wide range of beautiful and talented animals.


Birds of Eden

Home to 3 500 birds from over 280 species!


Our award-winning bird sanctuary provides a forever home where previously caged birds can live a life of free flight in a habitat as large and natural as possible.


The feathered inhabitants of the aviary are comprised of a mixture of exotic, as well as African birds. This includes previously caged pets and reared and imprinted individuals, which in turn explains why some of our inhabitants, are unafraid of human beings and seemingly tame. All new arrivals at Birds of Eden go through a process of rehabilitation before their final release into the main aviary.


Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

The world’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary!


Enjoy a safe guided tour through a forest as gibbons swing above your head and lemurs bask in the sun. You’ll be able to see over 550 primates of various species – Capuchin Monkeys, Ring-tailed and Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs, Gibbons and Howler Monkeys, to name a few.


The 128-meter suspension bridge, which runs through the forest canopy, gives you the chance to see these primates from another perspective. Many of our tour guides are multi-lingual and as such can accommodate speakers of English, Afrikaans, German, French and Spanish.


In addition, Monkeyland has a restaurant, a souvenir store and a viewing deck.


Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to rescued big cats!


Admire the majestic big cats of the world and a 2-kilometer walk will get you up close to Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Pumas and Jaguars.


On your 80-minute walking safari with one of our knowledgeable guides, you will also find Raccoons, a Honeybadger, Caracal, an African polecat, some Zebra and Springbok and predators such as the Spotted Hyena.


For more information, visit Rare Earth



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