What does drone training involve?

What does drone training involve?

Most flight schools offer training, as long as they can provide CAA accreditation. This is likely to cover the following topics:


  • Air law
  • Flight safety
  • Flight planning
  • Operations manual
  • Theory test and practical flight assessment


What skills and knowledge is require?


Besides the licence, it’s necessary for professional drone pilots to have sufficient knowledge and skills to enable them to carry out their duties effectively. These include:


  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to multitask
  • A strong interest in the aviation industry
  • Excellent concentration
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Experience with electrical and mechanical equipment


FAQs about becoming a drone pilot

How long does it take to become a professional drone pilot?

It can take between one to three months to progress from training to receiving your licence. This may be longer due to the availability of examiners or tests. Some schools may limit training to certain times of the year.


What is an operations manual?

The operations manual is an essential component of your application that provides information about how you plan to operate your drone if you intend to work freelance. It’s specific to your chosen industry and details information on the procedures you use to operate your drone safely. You submit this information to the CAA before they issue your A2 CofC or GVC licence.


What is the difference between an A2 CofC and a GVC licence?

It comes down to the size and weight of the drone. For drones under 500g, you require an A2 CofC licence. GVC licences are necessary for larger and heavier drones.


How much does the course cost?

The cost of the course depends on the individual flight school. Costs for the A2 CofC course tend to be lower than for the GVC, as the latter involves a larger and heavier aircraft. Before deciding on a course, it’s important to check that it covers the CAA’s requirements for granting a licence.


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