Looking for a family fun day of adventure?

Looking for a family fun day of adventure?

Looking for a family fun day of adventure? Banzoflash recommends a Kloofing and Abseiling activity at Eden Adventures!



Cappuccino Canyon on the Kaaimans River is an ideal guided tour for the whole family. This half-day morning tour starts with a leisurely walk through indigenous forest to the confluence of the Kaaimans & Silver Rivers. You then swim through majestic canyons with the cliffs towering up above. For those who dare, there are many optional jumps off the rocks into the water, the highest being 11½ m.


Wetsuit and buoyancy aid are provided. Please bring a costume, towel and shoes or sandals that can get wet.



This afternoon tour involves a couple of 45m abseils next to a magnificent waterfall in the serene Kaaimans Gorge. Landing in an inflatable boat at the bottom allows you to enjoy the beauty of the stunning location.


Consider combining the kloofing and abseiling tours into a fun-filled day of adventure!


Kloofing safety tips:

Kloofing is a variant of hiking that involves walking, swimming and jumping your way down a river.


Kloofing, like hiking, is risky. Accidents are rare but they can happen, therefore, have a good first aid kit and ensure at least two people in your group are trained in first aid.


  • Ensure you can swim.
  • Never dive into a rock pool and always jump feet first.
  • Never do a jump until you have assessed the pool underneath; climb down into it and make sure there are no underwater obstacles.
  • Always have a first aid kit and know what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Wear a hat and use sunblock often.


Abseiling safety tips:

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Check harnesses – ensure both the harness buckles are doubled back and that the leg loops are snug; most harnesses have adjustable leg loops.
  • Check knots – Ensure the tie-in knot, usually a figure-8 is tied correctly and finished with a backup knot.
  • Check the rope and belay device – double-check to ensure the rope is properly threaded through the belay device and that the rope and belay device is attached with a locking carabiner to the belay loop on the belayer’s harness.
  • Use a long rope – Ensure your climbing rope is long enough to reach the anchors and lower back down on a sports route or to reach a belay ledge on multi-pitch routes.
  • Always climb with the rope over your leg – rather than between your legs or behind one leg. If you fall with the rope in this position, you will flip upside down and hit your head.
  • Properly clip the rope – Ensure you always clip your rope through carabiners on quickdraws correctly. Avoid back clipping
  • Use safe anchors – always use at least two anchors. Three is better.


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