Impressively showcase commercial listings!

Impressively showcase commercial listings!

Drones have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are used in many industries including the commercial real estate market.


Drones have many applications, not least of which is producing marketing material to attract potential property buyers. Commercial property owners or managers may also find that a drone will simplify their property inspections.


When purchasing undeveloped land, it helps to have a good look at the terrain to check for features that may affect the development. Drones can cover greater areas than a survey, clearly showing nearby features, hard to access places such as streams or culverts, besides giving the potential buyer an overview of the surrounding land, adjacent structures or access routes.


The mapping software designed for drone technology can be used to calculate lengths, heights, areas or volumes without resorting to expensive ground surveys. Features that would otherwise be obscured by vegetation, including anomalies in the terrain, may be revealed utilizing a drone equipped with a suitable camera. Full-ground surveys are more time-consuming and cost-effective than drone surveys.


The use of drones for maintenance inspections, in particular on roofs or high-rise buildings, will prove invaluable.


Such an inspection can be a dangerous task, however, a drone may be programmed to record every nook and cranny requiring regular checking. Regular inspections will allow the manager to assess levels of deterioration, providing clear photographic evidence of the condition of the asset.


Regular inspections can also record changes in the condition of the property, alerting the owner to possible latent problems which may then be dealt with before they constitute a major crisis.


Drones have multiple benefits for commercial real estate. As a marketing tool, for surveying an undeveloped piece of land, or for maintenance inspections, they will be invaluable in reducing the amount of manpower, time or costs required to carry out these processes.


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