The Garden Route is full of adventure, waiting for adventure seekers to explore!

The Garden Route is full of adventure, waiting for adventure seekers to explore!

An adrenaline bucket list activity that Banzoflash recommends to everyone is water tubing!


Experience a full body workout while having the time of your life with Tsitsikamma’s main attractions all wrapped in a fun and unique river adventure:

Indigenous forests

Storms River Canyon

Tsitsikamma National Park

Storms River Mouth Suspension Bridges

The Bat Cave


Step 1

The 6hr activity begins in Storms River Village at Tube ‘n Axe Lodge with a welcome, orientation briefing and kit up.


Step 2:

A 20min drive through thick indigenous forest gets you to your drop-off point where each participant receives their tube.


Step 3:

From here it’s an 800m walk down into the Storms River Gorge.


Step 4:

A final few do’s, don’ts and safety demonstrations conclude the formalities and then set off down the narrow Storms River en route to Tsitsikamma National Park.


Step 5:

Approximately 1km downstream from starting point, the River valley narrows down into a narrow canyon with 110m high vertical fern-clad walls 2m apart in places.


Step 6:

The start of the Narrow canyon marks ‘The Point of No Return’ and from here on its a 3,5km downstream tubing/bouldering experience with optional jumps.


Step 7:

Tubes are used as paddling craft as there are many long pools to traverse and in between many bouldering sections where portage is necessary.


Step 8:

The journey on fresh drinkable water offers the ultimate way to rejuvenate in nature whilst giving you a full body workout at the same time.


Step 9:

The experience of Tubing the Red Route’ section of The Storms River is somewhat similar to canyoning without the necessity for rope access.


Step 10:

The Red Route excursion takes you into uncharted territory and is a truly phenomenal geographical spectacle. This is the excursion that fascinated early adventurers and is the place where the spirit of adventure began almost 50 years ago on the Garden Route.



For more information, visit Blackwater Tubing

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