Want to improve residential security?

Want to improve residential security?

The security sector makes no exception to the adoption of increasingly sophisticated technological systems, among which are drones.


Its multiple assets make the surveillance drone an indispensable component of any security plan.


Thus, beyond the technical characteristics, the performance of a drone security system is based on its operational functionalities, the software intelligence developed and its ability to be adapted by professionals.


By allowing to limit the risks, anticipate the threats and react at an early stage, drones represent. Valuable support for the security officer in the process of his mission.


Capable of carrying out automated rounds or being rapidly deployed for one-off security missions, surveillance drones are proving to be very useful to:

  • Ensure the general surveillance of a site
  • Detect incidents to react quickly
  • Prevent hazards
  • Prevents unwanted intrusion
  • Spot suspicious behaviour
  • Move quickly on demand to remote areas
  • Locate people wanted or in danger


Drones are therefore very well suited for security use.


Far from replacing agents and human intervention, the surveillance drone is the perfect ally of the teams in charge of security. Ensuring the protection of property and people at all times also saves time in the remote assessment of an incident and facilities the officer’s decision-making without exposing them to the threat. Thanks to drones, the agent benefits from mobile and optimal observation, day and night, by permanent and stabilized video return; the video stream is accessible in real-time from his security centre or a computer. Viewing a vehicle from several kilometres away, zooming on a given point to pinpoint the threat, or even approaching it within a few meters without compromising his safety, are key possibilities.


It is therefore a question of combining human and technological resources in the service of safety and operational efficiency.


This active collaboration between agent and machine is consequently a source of organizational and economic optimization for operators.

The use of surveillance drones is also an opportunity for security to experience a shortage of staff.


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